AquaComfort Heat Pumps are the ideal pool heating solution for New England. While most heat pumps on the market cannot operate when the outside temperature is below 60°F, AquaComfort Heat Pumps can operate when outside temperatures are as low as 40°F. This allows the AquaComfort to create 30-40% more heat than the competitors in spring and fall to extend your pool season.

Save 70%-80% on Heating Costs

Click here to calculate the heating costs of your pool using an AquaComfort Heat Pump vs a traditional natural gas or propane heater.

Better for the Environment

The typical gas heater emits 15,000 to 20,000
pounds of CO2 annually. With no combustible
by-products, AquaComfort creates clean, efficent heat.

Long Lasting Components

The life expectancy of a heat pump is nearly twice that of a fossil fuel heater.

Maintain the Perfect Temperature

Set to your desired temperature and the AquaComfort will maintain it all season long.

Start Producing Heat at Only 40°F

The AquaComfort Heat Pump will start warming your pool when it’s only 40° outside.

Made in The USA


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