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Inground Pool Closing Instructions

Step 1: Vacuum pool completely of all dirt and debris.

Step 2: Follow the chemical instructions included in your Pool Place Winter Kit. Be sure to purchase the correct kit for your style pool finish and cover! If you are unsure, one of our pool specialists will help you.

Loop-Loc Mesh Safety Covers

you will need to use one of our powerful Pooltec closing kits. Pooltec is a powerful algaecide concentrate that will help keep your pool water clear during the winter season.






Salt - All Surfaces


Solid Covers

Although our Pooltech kits are much more powerful and will work great with solid covers, our standard closing kits can also be used. In addition to what is included in the kit, you will need 1 gallon of liquid shock per every 10,000 gallons of pool water. 


Step 3: Run Filter for at least 1 hour after adding closing kit before shutting off system. 

Step 4: Drain pool to desire level for winter - Usually a few inches below the skimmers.

Step 5: Take filter apart and clean thoroughly. Remove drain plugs from filter and pump.

Step 6: Blow out lines and add a minimum of 1/2 gallon of antifreeze per 50 ft of pipe to all lines. Half a gallon is the minimum, use more for more protection. Cap off lines with expansion plugs and skimmers with Gizzmos.


Step 7: Secure your pool cover.


Loop-Loc Safety Covers: Using the anchor hex key, raise all of the deck anchors. Install the Loop-Loc cover using the Loop-Loc spring tool. With most pools, it's easiest to start with the anchors at the corners and then work your around. During fall and spring, if rainwater fills the pool so that water is above the cover, drain some water out. Keeping the cover above the water will stop leaves and other debris from breaking down into the pool.


Solid Covers: Pull the cover over the pool and secure all edges with water tubes. Only fill water tubes about 1/3 full to allow for ice expansion. Do not use bricks or other weights to secure the cover as they will damage the pool if pulled in. During fall and spring, 1" of water on top of the cover is fine, if any more collects you will need to drain it off. 

 Do not disturb the ice sheet that forms on top of the cover during winter as it can damage the pool cover and liner if it shifts. Frozen Snow does not need to be removed from the cover however it is suggested to drain ice melt on warmer winter days.

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