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Prevail Pool Sanitizer System

The Prevail Chlorinator System is the safest and easiest way to chlorinate your above ground pool. Any above ground pool using chlorine can be converted to a Prevail Chlorinator in minutes. Simply disconnect the hose returning water to your pool and attach it the Prevail Chlorinator. Then, using an additional hose, connect the Prevail Chlorinator back to the pool. Insert your Prevail Chlorine pack into the Chlorinator and you’re ready to go!

Ease of Use


  • once a month vs twice a week chlorine maintenance

  • no measuring, pre-filled canisters

  • easy open lid requires no tools

  • large numbered dial to control flow of chlorine

  • Constant chlorination mean less maintenance needed


  • No large buckets of chlorine to store

  • No physical contact with chlorine, stays contained within Chlorine Pack at all times

  • Constant chlorine residual in pool

  • 99% Trichlor Chlorine, Highest concentration available for best protection against bacteria and biofilm

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