The Swimline Cyclone Spinner puts a new spin on summertime fun in the pool. This float takes the classic playground-style merry-go-round and translates it for the pool. This float comfortably seats up to five people and with one person off the float to propel it, the Swimline Cyclone Spinner will provide hours of fun at your next pool party. Kids will love using this float with their friends. Safer than traditional spinners, this float is constructed out a heavy-duty vinyl, giving it more girth and thus more control to the users. Included are two handle bars at every seat. This float is easy to inflate and deflate.
Swimline Cyclone Spinner Water Toy for Swimming Pools:

  • Fits up to 5 Kids at once
  • Keeps everyone entertained for hours
  • Innovative design gives the cyclone spinner maximum durability


Cyclone Spinner™


    Abington Pool Place