Salt Treat's patented formula is the perfect recipe for removing stains in Salt Water Pools.


Salt Treat is a patented stain remover designed specifically for removing stains in Salt Water pools.


While salt water and chlorine generator pools are a popular alternative, an often drawback is their frequency to leave light stains on the surface of the pool. Salt Treat eliminates this by dissolving the stains of the surface and keep metals dissolved in water for up to 60 days. What you're left with is all the benefits of a Salt Water System and none of the drawbacks.


Salt Treat also prevents calcium build-up from forming on the salt cell generators, making your equipment last longer and work more efficiently.


Very easy to use, simply add one bottle of Salt Treat per 20,000 gallons to your swimming pool in the affected area. Then just follow up with a treatment every 60 days to keep your salt cell system in tip-top shape while keeping stains from coming back.

Salt Treat - Stain Removal/Prevention


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