Our Free Water Testing Service will be drop off only for the 2020 Season. 

Samples can be dropped off in a collection bin at our front door. Your water testing results will be emailed to you typically within an hour, all chemicals are available for curbside pickup in our online shop.

We will require: 

  • At least 8oz of water - we cannot complete our analysis with less than 8oz of water

  • A clean disposable container with name/phone # written on container - your container will not be returned.

  • A completed Water Test Form - If your sample is not accompanied by a water test form it will not be tested. We suggest attaching the form to your sample either with tape or an elastic band.

Water Test Forms can be downloaded and printed by clicking here or if you do not have access to a printer there will be forms available at drop-off during business hours.

Any chemicals or supplies you need can then be purchased from our online store and will be available for curbside pickup.

The Pool Place provides FREE full water chemistry analysis for both pools and spas.

After testing all essential levels, our chemical experts will provide printed instructions on how to get your pool or spa water both crystal clear and safe for your family and friends in the cheapest, quickest way possible. They will also suggest the appropiate weekly maintenance in order to keep your pool clean and safe.


Remember: It is much cheaper and easier to maintain a clean pool with correct levels than to try and fix an unbalanced pool!

Pool Place technicians can test:


  • Above ground pools (permanent metal walled and "easy set" temporary pools)

  • Inground pools with any finish (vinyl liners, fiberglass shells, concrete, gunite, painted plaster, etc.)

  • Chlorine sanitation (tabs, granular, automatic systems, etc.)

  • Bromine sanitation (tabs, granular, automatic systems, etc.)

  • Salt water systems

  • Baquacil sanitation

  • pools with Nature2 or similar mineral cartridges

  • various other alternative sanitation methods



  • All spas with any finish shell (resin, fiberglass, concrete, gunite etc.)

  • Chlorine sanitation (tabs, granular, cartridges, floaters etc.)

  • Bromine sanitation (tabs, granular, cartridges, floaters etc.)

  • Baquaspa sanitation

Abington Pool Place